Washi Tape . Slim - Set of 3 / Pastel
The 'MT slim' range contains three slim rolls of washi tape in these gorgeous soft pastels.åÊUse to enhance your journals, to section pages or on the covers of plain notebooks. WeåÊhave a range of pastel tapes to complement these slim versions. Or combine with the matt black for a striking look.

Design Tips:

Versatile and decorative, reusable and easy to tear by hand.
Easy to Write on, waterproof and heatproof.åÊ

Can be used on most surfaces and will usually peel off without damage.

Good to know: Made of natural fibres.

Washi Tape . Slim - Set of 3 / Neon Orange / Green / Coral

Size: 3 rolls measuring 6mm wide x 10m long.
Made From:
Washi tape is typically made from natural fibs (like bamboo or hemp) or the bark of trees native to Japan ‰ÛÓ such as Mulberry, Mitsumata shrub or the Gampi tree.
Made In: Japan.
Designed By: MT.
About this Brand:
Originally, a mini book created by three women who were fascinated by masking tape, their creationåÊwas filled with fantastically designed features, clearing away our concept that masking tape is a typical product for an industrial use.åÊMT were deeply impressed by them and started development to meet their request to make "masking tapes of different new colours.åÊ