Silicone Smart Divider . Various Colours
Silicone Smart Divider . Various Colours Silicone Smart Divider . Various Colours Silicone Smart Divider . Various Colours Silicone Smart Divider . Various Colours
Miniware Silicone Smart Divider (to fit Sandwich Plate)  


Miniware by Bonnsu...for your minime!

This clever silicone plate divider sits snugly on the rim of the Miniware sandwich plate. With three separate partitions, it is perfect for keeping everything in the right place for a fussy eater, or for ensuring a healthy, balanced meal. Durable yet stylish, all Miniware tableware sets are practical and safe for both you and your baby.

In gorgeous muted tones, this plate is perfect for baby's transition to more solid foods. Don't miss the matching eco friendly biodegradable plate!


Design Tips:  

▲ Perfect for encouraging little ones to feed themselves. 

▲ These look right at home in a modern kitchen or dining room. 

▲ These make a lovely gift for a toddler.


Choose from beautiful lavender or mint. 

You can see the whole range from Miniware here. 


Size: To fit a 21cm diameter plate. Length 22cm, width 14.5cm, height 2.5cm.
Good To Know: Plate not included.
Care: Dishwasher safe, or wash with soft sponge and detergent.
Made From: Food-level silicone.
Packaging/Shipping: Comes packaged in a lovely branded bag.
Eco Credentials: Plates and bowls made from all natural products and material - sourced from Nantou County with one of the largest bamboo forests in Taiwan. Using bamboo reduces strain on natural resources as it is the fastest growing plant on Earth!
Made In: Taiwan.
Designed By: BONNSU designers Adam and Ai.
About This Brand: When Adam and Ai became parents themselves, they were horrified by how short the lifecycle of baby products tend to be. They wanted safe products that would grow with their child - even at the fast pace at which babies develop. As BONNSU, they started experimenting with safe and healthy alternatives to plastics and melamine resin. They discovered a formula of heat pressed bamboo fibre powder which is both natural and passes international food safety tests. Their goal is to leave a clean world for future generations.