Play Kitchen / Cafe . Pastel & Natural
Kids Concept Play Kitchen / Cafe . Pastel & Natural

A beautifully designed and crafted kid's cafe/ play kitchen with all the cute details and miniatures.
Being a larger toy, we love that this will be a child's favourite whilst also looking super cute in our home. It's also fantastic in that it appeals to such a wide age range- your little one can copy Mum or Dad while they get on with the real cooking, or use this for pretend play- maybe serving up pancakes in the cafe? Helps with creating a healthy, happy and relaxed attitude around food and developing their imagination, creativity and ability keep themselves entertained.
Includes hanging utensils, salt & pepper pots, a clock, pot & pan, a sink and play tap, oven with knobs showing temperatures and settings as well as shelves for storing additional utensils and ingredients.

Design Tips:
▲ A lovely addition to any playroom or bedroom.
▲ Always popular for pretend play and entertains a wide age range. Perfect for a blow the budget gift.

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Made From:
Painted Wood.
Packaged in a cardboard box.
About This Brand:
Kids Concept is an established Swedish brand that offers unique, original concepts and designs. We love their simple, unfussy wooden toys that allow for lots of imaginative play.