Pouch Bag . Medium . Ripstop / Mint
Pouch Bag . Medium . Ripstop / Mint Pouch Bag . Medium . Ripstop / Mint Pouch Bag . Medium . Ripstop / Mint
Design Ideas Folio Pouch Bag . Medium . Ripstop / Mint


This mint coloured zippable storage bag is ideal for holding anything from your tablet to important papers, to loose change and glasses.åÊ

It's intriguing, purposely crumpled paper feel design has a bigger story behind it: the collection this is from is aåÊfascinating range of unusual designs created out of the most interesting materials that the designers could find- ranging from natural cork and leaves to inner tubes, tyres and repurposed paper.åÊ

Size: 22 x 27cm.
Made In: China.
Made From: Repurposed paper.
Designed By: Folio (for Design Ideas).
About this Brand:
This pouch is designed by Folio and brought to you by Design Ideas.

Design Ideas are a brand that carefully select a collection of designers who take cues from everyday items.åÊThese designers shop at the same stores you shop at, listen to the same popular music, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same art museums, and read the same magazines. Then they sit down with their crayons and paper to draw up innovative home and office accessories that they think people would enjoy.

Design IdeasåÊspend much of their time and energy searching for new ways, new forms, new methods, and new materials - to express timeless sentiments, to celebrate time-honoured seasons, and to organise an office or home.

Their passion for exploring ideas and inspired designs has led to the development of a full range of functional, fashion-forward, and moderately priced home and office accessories that appeal to a broad range of design-conscious consumers.